Ancient Greece hoplite with his hoplon and dory

Hoplite was a citezen-soldier during ancient times. The hoplite was usually individually responsible for procuring his armour and weapon. In most Greek city-states, citizens received at least basic military training, serving in the standing army for a certain amount of time. They were expected to take part in any military campaign when they would be called for duty. The Lacedaemonian citizens (Sparta) were renowned for their lifelong combat training and almost mythical military prowess, while their greatest adversaries, the Athenians, were exempted from service only after the 60th year of their lives.

The exact time when the Hop;ie was used for warfare is uncertain, the prevalent theory being that it was established sometime during the 8th or 7th century BC. when the "heroic age was abandoned and a far more disciplined system introduced" and the Argive shield became popular. After the Macedonian conquests of the 4th century BC, the hoplite was slowly abandoned

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